Campers FAQ

Can I bring my cell phone or iPod?
We would prefer you to not bring your electronic devices to camp. It would be very easy for them to get lost or broken. We do not allow campers to use their devices during the day so they need to be kept in the office for safety. The camp phone is always available for any camper that needs to make a call. Creative Themes takes no responsibility for any electric device that is lost, broken or stolen.

Will I be in the same group as my friend or sibling?
Our groups are mainly based on what grade you are going into in the fall after the camp season. So if you are in the same grade as a friend or sibling you will be placed together. Request can be made for special circumstances but we do not encourage grouping campers spanning too many grades apart. One of the great things about camp is making what we call “camp friends” those kids you might not go to school and live in other towns with but only see every year at camp.

Do I get to choose what stuff I can do?
Part of the day is scheduled with your group. During FACT time you can choose from several activities. During recess and Choice time you are the boss of your time. (Click here to view A Typical Day at Creative Themes)

What will I do if I stay for extended day care?
If you coming early in the morning AM care is pretty quit it. You can grab a bowl of cereal, play on the playground, play board games, do puzzles and if it is cool out sometimes we will put on some cartoons just to stay warm.

When you stay in the afternoon PM care, we start with attendance, playground time and snack. Then once staff is in place choices are given and it varies from pool, fishing, island area, sand arena, game and just your own time.

What should I bring to camp?
Bring a backpack or tote to keep you personal belongings in. Things to bring would be a bathing suit, towel, change of clothes, rain jacket (when it rains), warm clothes (for cool mornings) and lunch (M, T, W, and TH). Remember we provide drinks at lunch and plenty of water throughout the day.

You should always wear closed toed shoes, flip flops are fine for going to and from the pool but will not be allowed for walking around camp. We recommend a good sneaker or hiking type shoe. This will keep your feet safe from injuries and allow you to participate in all outdoor activities at camp. (Note: we have found Crocs to be a bad choice as a camp shoe.)

What are the counselors like?
In one word, AWESOME! Age 16 or older, our counselors come with a wide variety of experiences. Above all, they have been chosen to work at CT because they all enjoy working with kids. Many of our counselors are past campers who understand the camper’s needs. They want to help you experience new things and have the time of your life! When we ask campers what they like most about camp, most of the time it is the Awesome Staff.

Lunches at camp?
Lunch will be provided for campers and staff on FRIDAY only. Friday camp has “Pizza Party.”  Parents provide lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We provide water, koolade and lemonade on a daily basis. A CT lunch bag will be given to each camper. Lunch bags are collected and distributed by our staff and stored in a large igloo cooler. (On the first Monday of a session we will pass out the lunch bags, one per child per summer)
Friday– Pizza*
*Served with chips, fruit and drink