How our waitlist works

As of January 15th all our Day Camp sessions C2-C7 and Older Camper programs (Teen, LIT 1&2, ADV Lit) are waitlist. This happens due to the registration of our campership customers.

What this means for customers registering after this date is we will begin a wait list for all these sessions and continue adding names until we have 60 children (except for older camper programs we will only take 10 names per list)

  • No deposit is required for the waitlist.
  • The more sessions option we are given the better your chances.(some sessions may not have any openings and some may get 20)
  • Notification of availability will start around April 5th-This process takes awhile so you may not be notified until May 1st.
  • After May 10th if we have not placed a child in a session we will notify the customer and that child will be taken off the waitlist for 2016.

*Note if you do take a spot in a session and we process your application and a deposit is made and then you cancel they is no refund of the registration fee. All cancellation policies will apply.