Staff FAQs

Q. How do I apply for a job as Creative Themes Day Camp Staff?
A. Applying is easy; email us a copy of your resume then simply click here to submit your online application. As part of the application you will be supplying contact information for two references, these contacts will be sent a reference form to complete on your behalf. Once we have received those reference forms, you will need to contact the office to set up a personal interview by calling us at (585) 385-6830.

Q. What will I get out of being a camp counselor?
A: You can gain so much from a summer working at CT!
• You will experience the unique feeling of satisfaction that results from being a positive influence in the development of children.
• The potential exists for you to discover new interests, new friends and new skills.
• You will spend the entire summer in the outdoors and will engage in physical activities that promote your healthy physical development.
• You will gain increased abilities in working with children and other adults and increased interpersonal skills that will benefit you in your future career plans.

Q. What skills are you looking for in a CT Day Camp counselor?
A. The skills that make a successful counselor are:
• The ability to work well with children of all ages.
• The belief that you can make a difference in the life of a child.
• The willingness and ability to foster self-esteem, cooperation, courage, responsibility and FUN!
• The ability to work well in close proximity with others.
• A love of the outdoors – in all weather conditions.
• The ability to take charge and motivate others.
• Creativity, patience, kindness, cooperation and spirit.
• The ability and willingness to be a positive role model.
• The willingness to pitch-in and go the extra mile…

Q. How long will the job last?
A. The summer season varies for each staff member. Some staff start in early June and work all summer, about 13 weeks. Other staff start the end of June and average 9 weeks of camp. Because of school, sports and professional job schedules, each applicant’s job length may vary.

Q. What are the daily work time requirements?
Lead and Area staff: 8-4pm Monday through Friday.
General Staff: Monday 8-4pm, Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-3:30pm, Friday 8:00-3:30pm.
Note: We have the entire staff meet on Monday mornings and afternoons and Friday morning. These are used to organize and plan the week of camp. This is an opportunity for staff to share ideas, problems and concerns.
Extended day hours are done on a weekly basis for staff interested in making some extra pay. There is a small team for AM Care and between 6-8 staff required for PM Care.