Leadership (8th-9th grades)


Leader In Training Programs

8th & 9th Graders (entering for the fall of 2017)
9-3pm (Extended services 7am – 6pm)

For the summer of 2017, Creative Themes has programs for 8th and 9th graders. We have split the programs into a “Teen Camp”, Two “Leader in Training” and an “Advanced Leader in Training”. Enrollment is limited for these programs, so please register soon, and for the appropriate program and weeks.

Teen Camp

The Teen Camp program is designed for campers seeking a camp and team experience with their peers but not interested in the LIT program. Note: A camper can take one Teen Camp and one LIT program but will not be able to double up one either of these programs. (Click here for more detailed information)

Teen Camp July 24-28 (1 week)

Teen Camp Program 1 week – $260/$280

teens at CT Day Camp LIT programLeader in Training (LIT)

The LIT program is designed for campers interested in developing leadership skills in an Adventure based two week program. Included during these sessions campers will be working towards an out of camp teambuilding experience during the second week of the sessions. Make sure you read the program description and discuss with your child whether or not they are willing to participate in this program before you sign them up. Campers can only sign up and participate in one LIT session per summer. (Click here for additional info.)

LIT 1 June 26 – July 7 (2 weeks)
LIT 2 July 10-21 (2 weeks)

Leader in Training- (2 weeks)- $530/$570

Advanced LIT 

This program is designed for campers who have already participated in a LIT program and are interested in extending their leadership skills. Advanced LIT is limited to campers who have expressed a desire to learn more and have also demonstrated through the LIT program that they have both the desire and the potential to become a CIT/Counselor. (Click here for more detailed information)

Advanced LIT  July 31 – August 11 (2 week)

LIT Adventure Programs – $530/$570

(Campership price/non-campership price)


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