BIG LOUIE CAUGHT ON JULY 23, 2019 | Creative Themes Day Camp

July 23, 2019

The creative staff at Creative Themes Day Camp decided to have a birthday party for Big Louie. Now this isn’t the original Big Louie but the 36th generation of this famous fish. He was seen a few times this year, but nobody hooked him yet. Around lunch a camper asked Bob, “What happens if Big Louie is caught today?”, Bob reply’s, “I’ll add $50 to the $100”.

At 1:30 a cry came from the pond, “Someone caught Big Louie!”. We rushed to the pond to see that it was one of Big Louie’s offspring, and met the minimum requirements to receive the $100 reward, plus the added bonus of $50 on Big Louie’s birthday. From now on July 23rd will be celebrated as Big Louie’s birthday and an added $50 on that day if he is caught.

8 yr old Dominic F. caught Big Louie and received his $150 reward. Dominic will go into the Creative Themes Record Book. Great job Dominic!