What is a “MY CT Account”?
This is your account that you will create or have created to log- in and fill out your camper application, medical forms, and other paperwork every year for camp. The button is at the top and bottom of our page to link you to your account login.

What is the difference between a Campership Customer and a Non-Campership Customer?
A Campership Customer is a current customer who paid a fee to enroll in our Campership program during the previous summer. Campership Customers need to register between Dec.1 to Jan. 15 and pay the registration fee and deposit to ensure a spot for the upcoming summer. These customers will confirm their summer sessions starting in Mid-February and no later than Mid-March.

Non-Campership Customers are allowed to register February 1st. These customers can only register for the remain spots available. Otherwise, a wait list is started.

When are the balance due and health forms required? What is the refund policy?

See our prices and policies page

How long is the camp day?
Normal camp hours are 9 am to 3 pm. The camp daily activity schedule begins at 9:05 a.m. Our daily schedule concludes at 2:35 p.m. with dismissal at 2:50 p.m. Normal camp hours, drop off begins at from 8:30 to 9:00 and pick up is from 2:55 to 3:25. Our PDC pk 4/5 program 9-1 pm program has dismissal at 1:00 pm daily and the full day group dismissal is 2:50.

What happens if I need to pick my child up early?
If you need to pick your child up early you should send a note or call the camp office 385-6830, let us know the time of pick-up and who will be picking up. The person picking up the camper needs to walk into camp and sign the camper out at the main office.

What happens if drop my child off late?
If you are running late or your child has an appointment, you will need to walk your child into camp and check them into the main office. They will be taken to their group and assume the normal camp schedule.

What type of extended care services are offered?
Creative Themes offers:
AM care from 7:30 to 8:30 am for $7 a day or $30 a week. We provide cereal and juice each morning.
PM care is from 3:30 to 5:30 and is $10 a day or $45 a week. Creative Themes staff will sign-in and check–out all extended day campers a snack is provided. Depending on the weather and camper numbers, the activities vary but might be open swim, fishing, archery, playground, and art.

Lunches at camp?
Lunch will be provided for campers and staff on FRIDAY only. Friday camp has “Pizza Party.”  Parents provide lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We provide water, kool-aid, and lemonade on a daily basis.  All lunches are stored in large coolers until lunch time.
Friday– Pizza*
*Served with chips, fruit, and drink

How does CT handle food allergies?
CT is fully committed to handling all dietary restrictions and food allergies in an efficient and professional manner. Individual attention is the hallmark of how we handle this vital safety issue. Your child’s Lead Counselor will take care of all food allergy matters for your camper. He/she will communicate with parents about individual needs. We also have a staff member in our office who is responsible for handling food allergy questions.

Creative Themes maintains “Peanut Free” tables at camp! We are always happy to talk with parents about the needs of their child.

CT has many staff trained in First Aid and the use of epi-pens.

If I need to bring medication for my camper, what should I do?
All campers must have health information completed on the “Camp In Touch” form. List all medications on this service.  Medications must be in their original container and with a valid expiration date on drop off day and our medical staff will take care of distribution. All Epi-Pens should be in a prescription box with the child’s name.

***All campers will medication need to have a Medication Authorization Form*** on file prior to attending camp. Te form can be found on every campers MYCT account under forms/documents.

Does CT have sunscreen available?
Yes, we provide sunscreen to all campers and our staff will help to apply the sunscreen. There is a place on your camper’s application to indicate whether or not you would like to use our sunscreen or not. We ask that all campers come to camp with sunscreen applied. The staff will work on ways to build sunscreen times into their daily activities but it does not happen first thing in the morning.

SPF 30 Kids Friendly Sunscreen. Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Allows your skin to breathe and perspire keeping your body cooler. Hypoallergenic, Free of Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), PABA, fragrance, wheat, gluten, glycol, and nut oils. For more information on the sunscreen go to www.rmsunscreen.com.

How are campers “grouped” at CT? Can I request to have my child be with his/her friends?
Campers are grouped according to school grade for the following fall. Generally, we have one group per grade so campers in those grades are together. However, if campers have a friend in another grade this would have to be discussed as to what we can accommodate.

How many campers are there to a counselor?
There is a 1:10 ratio in each group and a 1:7 ratio for the camp. Our 4/5-year-olds have a 1:6 ratio.

Can I bring my cell phone or iPod?
We would prefer you to not bring your electronic devices to camp. It would be very easy for them to get lost or broken. We do not allow campers to use their devices during the day so they need to be kept in the office for safety. The camp phone is always available for any camper that needs to make a call. Creative Themes takes no responsibility for any electric device that is lost, broken or stolen.

Do I get to choose what stuff I can do?
Part of the day is scheduled with your group. During FACT time you can choose from several activities, these activities may change daily. During recess and Choice time you are the boss of your time. (Click here to view A Typical Day at Creative Themes)

What should I bring to camp?
Bring a backpack or tote to keep your personal belongings in. Things to bring would be a bathing suit, towel, change of clothes, rain jacket (when it rains), warm clothes (for cool mornings) and lunch (M, T, W, and TH). Remember we provide drinks at lunch and plenty of water throughout the day.

You should always wear closed toed shoes, flip-flops are fine for going to and from the pool but will not be allowed for walking around camp. We recommend a good sneaker or hiking type shoe. This will keep your feet safe from injuries and allow you to participate in all outdoor activities at camp. (Note: we have found Crocs to be a bad choice as a camp shoe.)

What are the counselors like?
In one word, AWESOME! Age 16 or older, our counselors come with a wide variety of experiences. Above all, they have been chosen to work at CT because they all enjoy working with kids. Many of our counselors are past campers who understand the camper’s needs. They want to help you experience new things and have the time of your life! When we ask campers what they like most about the camp, most of the time it is the Awesome Staff.


How do I communicate with the camp? Who will be my “contact” or go to person at Creative Themes?
At Creative Themes, we believe in creating a strong communication system with our parents. We view our relationship as a partnership, with the central goal being your child’s happiness. Our summer office hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily. Your child’s Lead Counselor will be your primary contact here at camp and you can touch base with them at drop off or at pick up times. Should you need to talk with them and do not see them just call the office and we will take care of the connections.