Staff Positions

What makes a Creative Themes Day Camp Team?

Each member of the Creative Themes team makes important contributions towards creating a phenomenal summer for our campers. The following job descriptions offer some brief insight into the summer staff positions available at CT. A complete personal interview is necessary for all prospective staff. During this interview we will discuss further details regarding job requirements and responsibilities.

Lead Counselors
Lead Counselors are adults in charge of a specific age group of campers and those campers’ assigned staff members. For example, a group of 30 first graders would be supervised by one Lead and a staff of 3 General Counselors. The Lead’s main responsibility is to ensure the safety and welfare of their designated campers and staff. Lead Counselor’s are also responsible for overseeing camper progress while keeping to our camp schedule. They additionally serve as the direct link between camp and home, and must be capable of maintaining a strong camp/parent partnership.

Lead Counselors must possess strong organizational and leadership skills, be adept at multi-tasking and be able to motivate their General Counselors and campers. Successful Leads are enthusiastic, supportive, caring and kind individuals. They possess strong communication skills and are spirited, reliable and professional at all times. We have an exceptionally high return rate at the Lead levels…Our Lead Counselors are highly experienced, capable camp pros!

General Counselors
General Counselors are the “foot soldiers” of our camp-wide staff. Each group at camp has several General Counselors assigned to it. These General Counselors maintain a high level of supervision at all times as they care for campers and assist them in all activities.

A General Counselor must be an enthusiastic, caring individual with the capacity to be a supportive role model. General Counselors must possess the ability to work well with children ages 4 through 14. They also need a background in sports, the arts and swimming. General Counselors must be fun-loving, spirited, reliable and conscientious. They should have a sincere interest in serving as a strong, positive influence in the lives of our wonderful children.

Area Specialists
Area Specialists are people who work in their assigned area and know that area well. To be an Area Specialist possess a high level of experience and expertise in a particular area such as Nature, Sports, Drama, Arts & Crafts, Swimming, & Adventure.

An Area Specialist’s skill set must include the ability to lead campers through a curriculum-based program in a specific area. Area Specialists must be prepared at all times with the appropriate equipment and materials to be successful. They must also maintain a clean and well-organized activity area. CT Area Specialists are safe, creative and spirited in their approach to campers at all times. Activity Specialists need to be able to motivate campers and staff, teach skills and create FUN!

CT maintains a staff Certified Lifeguards and American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (WSI). All pool staff members are also required to have current CPR certification. We look for staff members who hold these certifications to help maintain a level of safety that keeps us above all other places.